why i red ribbon ride 



#WHYiRedRibbonRide was created to showcase our community, and broaden our participants.

Support the ride and all those who participate in the campaign by sharing the articles you read on YOUR facebook page, and always check back to learn more about who we are as individuals, a community, and why YOU should join us to help Make YOUR Difference.


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Aaron Asmundson
"I ride to turn toward what matters." 

Kelly Sack
"I ride for Andy."

Annie & Marie Elmer
"We crew as family, to end stigma." 

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Doug Melroe
"I ride to REMEMBER."

Harvey Zuckman
"I ride because I CAN."

Joe Ede
"I ride for those living with HIV/AIDS."

mary wier.    

"I ride to be part of something bigger."








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