about crew PCABOUT CREW

A Crew member is a person who volunteers for the bike ride portion of the Pedal Camp to help support the event. 

Crew members are an amazing group of people who are selfless and committed as the all volunteer workforce that make Pedal Camp happen. Crew works tirelessly pouring their hearts into the Ride all to ensure that everything gets done. Once the Ride is over Crew returns to Camp to enjoy all the fun activities along with the Riders. 

Crew works on everything.... setting up and breaking down pit stops, serving meals, picking up trash, pouring water, mixing electrolyte drink, picking up tired riders, fixing bicycles, marking and unmarking the route, wrapping sore knees, massaging muscles, giving directions... anything you can think of our Crew is doing. 

Crew members also give out hugs, love and make sure everyone on the Ride feels good and is having a good time. 


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