All Riders and Crew must attend Check In.

All Riders and Crew will Check In on Friday, July 20th. If you are traveling with us by bus and transporting your bicycle you will begin your Check In process at Mall of America. If you are Crew who has permission to bring your vehicle for route support you will complete your Check In process at Camp One Heartland. 

Bus Tranportation & Check In

Mall of America - EAST Parking Lot 
82nd St E between 24th Ave S and 28th Ave S. 
Bloomington, MN 55425

For participants who will be utilizing the buses to Camp One Heartland Center you will need to arrive an hour prior to your bus departure time to begin your Check In process. You will receive a detailed email a week prior to the event with instructions for your departure time. All participants being transported by bus will begin their check in process in the parking lot at MOA. You will receive your event credentials, check your bike in (if applicable) and have time on the bus to fill out your event paper work. 

When you arrive at Camp One Heartland Center you will turn in your paper work at Medical, any additional donations (minimums must be met prior to July 18, 2018), and Check In. You will then get your housing and be able to get settled in for the event. 


MOA Parking.PNGCheck In, Bus Transportation and Parking are located in the East Parking Lot. You can access the lot by entering off 82nd Ave E between 24th Ave S and 28th Ave S. Please look for the Red Ribbon Ride tent. There will also be signs making the area visible to help you locate it. We will be located in the highlighted yellow area in the map below.

As a sponsor, Mall of America, is allowing us to have a Park & Ride lot for the weekend. Please note that MOA is not responsible for your car should anything happen.


All Crew not being transported by bus will Check In directly at Camp One Heartland Center after 2:00pm. 


When you arrive at Check In you will need to get your event credintial first at the Welcome table. Once you have your credential you will visit Bike Parking. Our Bike Parking Crew will help you afix your bicycle number to your bike and get your bicycle ready for our bicycle transport trucks. Your bicycle will be in good hands and will be parked at bike parking for you. On the morning of Day 1 there will be lists at breakfast of where your bicycle is parked so you can located when you go to bike parking. 


Each Rider, whether you are on a team or registered as an individual, is responsible for raising the required minimum of $1,500 by July 18th BEFORE Check In to participate on the Red Ribbon Ride. Crew members are not required but encouraged to raise money. You will be able to turn donations in at Check In at our Donation Station. 

PLEASE NOTE if you are not at your minimum to Ride you will not be permited onto the bus. You MUST come to Donation Drop Off Day on July 18, 2018.

Starting your fundraising early can help you get a head start, raise more and surpass your minimum. If you have questions or need help please visit our fundraising section, attend our fundraising workshops and contact us. We want to help you succeed above and beyond your expectations. 


Check In for the Ride will begin at the Mall of America. You will reveive your credential, check your bicycle into bike parking, load your gear onto the bus and fill out paperwork on the bus to Camp One Heartland. At Camp you turn in your forms and complete the Check In process, housing and receive your event wrist band. 

If you are not being transported to Camp on a bus you will do the entire Check In process at Camp One Heartland Center.


We want to ensure that everyone finishes the event safely. It is important for us all to work together as a community to ensure the rules are followed. Everyone needs to take care of themselves by hydrating, eating, getting good sleep, and following the rules of the road whether on a bicycle, motorcycle or vehicle. All Participants are required to sign and follow the Code of Conduct to participate on the Ride. Safety will be reviewed the morning of Day 1 prior to Ride Out. 


To ensure the health and safety of all Participants, everyone must submit a medical form at checking in.The Medical Form will ONLY be available at Check In for you to complete. Please be sure to bring your insurance information, medications you take and other medical history to complete the form so our Medical Team has your information on hand. If you have questions regarding your Medical Form please contact your Participant Representative prior to Check In. 


Each Participant will be assigned a cabin or tent location unless you have opted to stay in a hotel. When you arrive at Camp Heartland you will be assinged your housing as a part of the Check In process. Once you have completed Check In and have your housing assignment you will be able to take your gear and get settled in.



We will be holding a mandatory Crew Meeting at Check In at 6:00pm to ensure all Crew is ready to go. This mandetory meeting will cover review the Rides communication plan, emergency procedures, and roles and responsibilities of Crew. There will also be time for questions before we work together. After the Crew Meeting, Crew will be able to pick up Crew shirts, communication equipment and connect with team members. 


  • A Photo ID
  • Medical Form or Medical Insurance Card if you have not completed the form in advance
  • Cash, credit card or check book if you are planning on shopping at the Camp Store 
  • Any donations that haven't been turned in if you are above your minimum (all minimums need to be met by July 18th)
  • Your gear bag 
  • Bicycle, helmet, bicycle gear

VOLUNTEER AT CHECK IN at MOA! Sign up today!


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