Making a difference in the fight against AIDS takes a dedicated group of individuals. The Red Ribbon Ride is an experience and challenge unlike any other. The Red Ribbon Ride can be a very empowering, inspiring and emotional 4 days for all who participate, especially our HIV+ Riders and Crew. 

The HIV/AIDS epidemic has been filled with stigma and hurt. That ends here. The Red Ribbon Ride is an open, inclusive, and loving community. 

Concerns for HIV+ Participants on the Event

Being HIV+ on the Red Ribbon Ride can be a challenge for some, but it can be done. Training before hand, taking care of your nutritional and physical needs can all help with a successful experience. 

It is important to have a balance of water and electrolytes while training and doing heavy work. Being in the sun for long periods can cause dehydration so being proactive is important. Please discuss nutritional information and training for long distance multi day cycling events with your medical provider.

Your medications can also have an impact on your training. Be sure to consult with your medical provider regarding your medications. If you have refrigerated medications we will transport these for you during the event. Please contact the Ride office if you have concerns regarding your daily medications or special needs. We are happy to help accommodate the best we can to ensure a safe, happy and healthy event for all. 


Positive Pedalers

We are a group of people committed to building a supportive and inclusive community through participation in bicycle-related activities. We are dedicated to expanding and enhancing public awareness of HIV and AIDS and empowering HIV-positive people to live more meaningful and dignified lives.

HIV infection rates continue to increase. Stigma stops many people from getting tested, and may prevent those infected from getting life-saving services and treatments. Stigma can create a silence within communities at a time when communication and understanding is paramount.

The simple slogan “Silence = Death” continues to ring true. Positive Pedalers  know that there is power in riding together; that an orange Positive Pedaler flag placed on your bike is a beacon, to others and to yourself that HIV cannot and will not define who they are.

Learn more about the Positive Pedalers. Support, donate, participate and fight AIDS. Facebook Icon