Once you are on the Ride your transportation, meals, snacks and hydration are all taken care of. There is a lot to think about in your preparations to be ready for the Ride, what to bring, how to pack, and transportation to and from. Some of the information below will be updated as we get closer to the event so please check back frequently. For our Out of State Participants there is information for you located at the bottom of the page. 

Packing for the Ride

Here is a packing guide to help you determine what to bring on the Ride.

Your Luggage:
You are allowed one large bag with wheels weighing a max of 60lbs. All of your camping gear, sleeping gear, clothing and belongs must fit into this one bag.  We recommend a drop bottom duffel bag with wheels. 

What to Pack:

travel-planner-suitcase-1061.pngOur Packing Guide is designed to help you with all you need for the event and more. This is list is broken down into mandatory, recommended and optional. You do not need to bring everything on this list, just the items you will use. 

Riders you will be riding your bike most of the day so you will primarily be wearing your cycling clothing. For more information about what cycling gear you will need please visit the Gear section on the website, contact us if you have questions and ask fellow veteran riders what they recommend.

Crew you will working hard and getting dirty so plan on bringing clothing that is appropriate. We will provide you with one Crew shirt and most teams dress in costumes to create a fun event. For Crew you will not need to bring the cycling gear with you for this event. Please bring shorts, shirts, socks, underwear for 2 days that you can get dirty in and follow the rest of the Packing Guide for other items you may want.  

Camping & Sleeping Gear: 
travel-planner-tent-1061.pngWe provide all Participants with lodging options for the Ride at our Camp Sites each night. Participants can choose to stay in a Cabin, or bring a tent with and camp outside. 

You will need to supply your own tent, sleeping bag and camping bed for the Ride if you choose to stay in a tent. 


If you are staying in one of Camp One Heartland's cabins you will need to bring sheets, sleeping bag or blanket, and a pillow. Cabins are equipped with bunk beds and mattresses. Each Cabin has electricity, a fan and heater to make for a comfortable enviornement depending on weather.

Your tent should be no bigger than 10ft X 9ft and will need to be packed with your gear.  

Sleeping Bags & other
You can bring a sleeping bag, sheet, pillow and if you prefer blankets. These will have to fit into your gear bag. Your sleeping bag rating is up to you. It is July in Minnesota so it doesn't need to be rated for below 30°.

Camping Beds
If you are staying in a cabin you will have a bunk bed and will want to bring bedding. If you are tenting you can either bring a camping pad, air mattress or camping cot with you. You will want to be comfortable because your sleep is important on an event like this. Camping pads and cots can be found at most sporting goods or camping stores and it is recommended to lie down on them to find which one is the best for you. If you choose to bring an air mattress please make sure you can blow it up on the event and plan on bringing extra batteries.


travel-planner-car-1061.pngYou are responsible for getting yourself to and from the start of the event if you are utilizing the bus transportation. You may drive to the start at MOA and park your car for the weekend. You can also use the Light Rail is a great option for getting too and from the event depending on where you are located. You can also arrange for a ride with friends, family or even take an Uber.  

Be sure they have room for your gear, a bike rack to transport your bike or a vehicle large enough for your bike to fit inside. Once you arrive at Check In and Transportation you will load your gear on to the bus and your bicycle onto the bike truck.

Please visit the Transportation and Check In page for more information.


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