Joining a team is an excellent way to connect, create and build community. There are many types of teams consisting of family members, friends, cycling clubs, or co-workers. Teams can consist of two or more participants and include Riders and Crew.

Why Join a Team?

Teams can help you with additional support and questions you may have regarding training, fundraising and the event. Your teammates can help motivate you to train and achieve your fundraising goals.

How to Join a Team:

If you have not registered for the Red Ribbon Ride you can select a team at the time you register. If you are already registered for the event please contact the Ride office to be added to your team. 

How to Form a Team:

Setting up a team is as easy as selecting a team name, a Captain, and Co-Captains if you like. Once you have registered you will have the opportunity to customize your team homepage with a photo or video, a story about your team, your fundraising goal and more. As a Team Captain or Co-Captain you will receive additional support to help you navigate your Team Participant Center, set up a good training program, learn best fundraising practices for teams and more. We try to offer as much support as possible to help you and your team succeed.

If you have not registered for the event and would like to start a team you can set your team up upon registering for the event. If you are already registered for the event and would like to set up a team please contact the Ride office to get set up. 

Fundraising on a Team:

Each Rider on a team is responsible for raising their required minimum of $1,500 to participant on the Red Ribbon Ride. Fundraising is optional for Crew and highly encouraged. Many Crew members raise money to help support the cause.

Can Someone Donate to a Team?

Donations can be made to individual participants. Donations cannot be split among team members, or transferred from one participant to another. When a donor visits the team homepage they will see all the team members listed with links to their personal homepage where they can make a donation. It's easy to donate to multiple participants but all donations must be done individually.

Team Fundraising Events:

Many teams host fundraising events and these are a great way to build community, raise money and awareness. To submit donations after an event, you will need to fill out individual donation forms for each team member who will be receiving the funds that were raised. Donations must be split before turning them into the Ride office. If you have questions about how to do this or best practices for hosting your team fundraising event please contact the office.

 Corporate Teams

 Social Teams

 Benefiting Agency Teams

 Forming a corporate team is a great way to get for
company to give back to the community. Here
 are some
 of our amazing corporate teams. For
 more information on 
how to start a corporate team 
 please contact the Ride office.

 There are many types of social teams comprised of 
 family members, friends, social groups, cycling
 and more. If you are interested in joining
 one of the 
following teams or would like to learn more
setting up a social team please contact the Ride

 Our benefiting agencies can also be seen on the
 Ride as Riders and Crew. If you would like to be
 a part of one of the agency teams please contact
 the Ride office and we will help assist you.


 Fiant Dental
 Hell's Kitchen "Rebels for a Cause"

 Team Firm
 Team SAGE
 Wells Fargo

 Andy's Angels
 Brand g Vacations

 Team Holy Spokes
 Team OZ
 Team Pep Ya Betcha 

 Team Shalom
 Team Sparkle
 Team YES 
 The Riptides 


 AAATF ComUnity
 Hope House of St. Croix Valley 
 Minnesota AIDS Project 
 Team One Heartland
 Park House 
 Team RAAN
 Team Clare Housing
 Team Aliveness