This year Red Ribbon Ride is being hosted at One Heartland, a beautiful sleep away camp in North Central MN creating life-changing camp experiences for youth facing social isolation, intolerance or serious health challenges, including HIV. 

When you arrive at Camp you will be able to enjoy all the beauty and fun One Heartland has to offer like: a campfire, hiking, swimming, canoeing, goats and more.

Camp Life

Sleeping in Camp

At Camp One Heartland you can enjoy the great outdoors! Camp offers great Cabins or you can choose to stay in your own tent. Those sleeping in tents will have the option to escape the weather and stay indoors in case of an emergency. You will need to bring your own tent and bedding. If you would like to stay in a hotel at your own cost please check out the Hotel page. On Sunday you will need to clean out your cabin, pack your gear and/or tent and drop things off at the gear area. You must be ready to leave Camp prior to riding out so Camp Heartland can prepare for the next group of campers coming on Monday morning. 


Minnesota summers can be unpredictable when it comes to weather and your safety is our number one priority. The weather can range from a perfect summer day to hot and humid to wet and cool. Be prepared, bring layers and your rain gear.

Along the Route and in Camp we have weather shelters and evacuation plans in case of a sever storm. In extreme cases we may need to cancel the Route for the day or part of the day and transport all participants to the next Camp. Camp One Heartland has great indoor space with plenty of activities to entertain should we encounter weather. 

Daily Routine

Bike Parking

Each day when you enter Camp you MUST check in at Bike Parking and park your bike. Once you have checked into Bike Parking you will not be able to remove your bike until the route opens the next days. Your bike will be safe in our secure Bike Parking area.


Your gear will be transported to and from Camp by bus. When you arrive at Camp and complete Check In you will be able to pick up your gear and get settled in to your cabin, tent or hotel.

You can bring 1 large bag (wheels recommended) with you that needs to hold your clothing, camping and sleeping gear. Please look at the Travel Planner for a suggested Packing List. You will be able to pick up your gear in the designated area at Camp when you arrive. You will need to drop off your gear at the Gear area before you Ride out on Sunday morning so it gets loaded onto the bus. Please be sure to give yourself time to pack, eat, clean out your cabin, and drop off your gear before you go to your bike on Sunday.


You will be served a hot breakfast and dinner daily in camp, a bagged lunch and plenty of snacks. We offer vegetarian options but cannot accommodate all special dietary restrictions. If there is something you must have please plan to bring it with you. If you have questions or concerns regarding food please contact the office directly. Breakfast is open from 5:00am to 7:30am. Dinner is open from 5:00pm to 8:00pm daily.


Camp offers hot clean showers for you after a long day of Riding or Crewing. Each shower house includes private shower stalls, sinks, changing areas and restrooms.

Camp Activities

Camp One Heartland offers great activities so when you arrive back from the route you will be able to enjoy canoeing, swimming, rock climbing and more. Camp Lounge will have the schedule of when activities are available. Trained Camp Staff must be present for most of the available activities. While there is no swimming allowed in the lake there is a great swimming pool! 

Camp Stage

Join us each night in Camp at 7:00pm in the dining area for our evening entertainment on the Camp Stage. Camp Stage includes Ride Run Down, inspiring stories from our benefiting agencies, and movies or live music.
Saturday night we will be conducting a special workshop to dive into 2019 and the future of the Red Ribbon Ride. We need your voices to help us shape the future of the Ride.

Camp Services

Info Services

Info Services is located in each Camp and has all the info you need for Camp locations and hours as well as lost and found, guest check in, extra snacks and more.

Participant Support

Need to leave the Ride early or arrive late? Lost your helmet number, frame tag number, wrist band? Having an urgent family matter? Not having a good day and just need to talk to someone? Visit our amazing Participant Support Staff. They are equipped to take care of you and ensure you have all you need.

Camp Store

Be sure to stop by the Camp Store to buy the latest Red Ribbon Ride merchandise, t-shirts, hoodies, jersey's, water bottles, and more.  If you love the Ride wear it with pride!

Camp Rules


Guests are welcome to visit you at Camp and need to check in when they arrive at Info Services in Camp. While guests are in camp must wear their guest id so we can welcome them. 


Children are welcome to visit as well and will need to follow the same rules as above. The Ride is only for those who are 18 years of age or older.


No Pets are allowed on the Red Ribbon Ride.

Alcohol, Drugs & Fire

The Red Ribbon Ride is a Drug and Alcohol free event. You will be riding a lot of miles, working in the hot sun, depleting your body of electrolytes, and pushing your body more than on just a one or two day ride. Drugs and alcohol can dehydrate you further and cause serious injury. No fire arms, fireworks, or open flames are allowed on the Ride. 

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