road-1058.jpgON THE ROAD

Riders will spend most of their day on the open road riding their bicycles. Our volunteer Crew offers support, encouragement and all the things you need while on the road. Our goal is to keep you safe, healthy and smiling for all the miles you ride. The route has specific hours of operation to keep things running smoothly. This is a ride, not a race and everyone travels at their own pace.

The Route

The route opens each morning at 6:30am and closes at 7:00pm. You must leave camp by 8:00am. Pit Stops maintain hours of operation to help you stay on track. You can ride at your own pace as long as you arrive at the Pit Stop before it's posted closing time. If you arrive to a Pit Stop after it closes event Staff or Crew will either transport you to the next Pit Stop or directly to Camp. You are responsible for managing your own pace each day. If you are a slower paced rider it is advised that you leave camp as early as possible. Remember, it's about loving every mile you ride not riding every mile.

Route Cues & Directions

Each morning you will be given Route Cues at Bike Parking. These cues are turn by turn directions and include Pit Stop hours, Camp Hours, and more. The route is also marked with yellow arrows and orange caution signs. Our Moto Crew is also present at difficult turns to help you have a safe riding experience. 

Fully Supported Route

On the Route we have Pit Stops located every 15-20 miles with snacks, water, electrolytes, lunch, first aid, restrooms and much more. Bike Tech is offered at each Pit Stop along the Route by Erik's Bikes. They are here to support you every pedal stroke of the way. If you get stuck on the Route with a mechanical issue, are feeling fatigued or medical issue our amazing Sweep team will help you get to the next Pit Stop where you can get the help you need. If you are unable to finish the Route a comfortable ride for you and your bicycle will be available for you to return to Camp. Each Pit Stop has First Aid professionals should you need help.