It's a Ride, not a race!

The Red Ribbon Ride is a four day endurance cycling event. There are no prizes for being first in Camp or crossing the finish line. The real prize is being of service to others by going above and beyond, raising vital funds and riding your bike 300 miles.

Training for the Ride is important. Each day has it's own challenges and preparing your body by training first will help you feel better on your bicycle over the entire four days. There are many things to consider while you prepare; Safety, Training, Nutrition & Hydration, Buying the right bicycle, Bicycle Maintenance, and Gear.

We are here to help you! Please join us for our training rides, contact the Ride Office for assistance in developing the right training plan for you and to be connected with our Training Ride Leaders. 


Training Ride Leaders (TRLs)

Training Ride Leaders or more commonly knows as TRLs, have all done Red Ribbon Ride in the past and are our amazing volunteers who dedicate their time to hosting Training Rides during the training season. All TRLs develop routes that are designed to help you build in mileage, terrain and skill. TRLs teach Red Ribbon Ride Safety, the rules of the road, basic bike maintenance and more. These incredible individuals are here to help YOU prepare for Red Ribbon Ride and are fantastic resource. Please be sure to attend training rides posted on the calendar throughout the year.