Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and in an effort to keep all of our wonderful Riders, Crew, and Volunteers safe, we decided that instead of canceling 2020 all together, we would do a virtual event. 


Now, more than ever, our four benefitting agencies (African American AIDS Task Force, One Heartland, Rural AIDS Action Network, and The Aliveness Project) need our fundraising dollars to help keep their services open for their clients.  These services are vital in the fight against HIV/AIDS.  They include HIV testing and prevention education,  harm reduction, food shelf, camp for children, and so much more!

Everyone who has already registered for 2020 is automatically registered for this event.  If you have a friend/family member you would like to do this with, they can register for $15 (normally $85), and that will include a Victory T-shirt at the end.  Everyone who registered this year prior to 2020 event being canceled, or by July 1, 2020, your registration will be good for the summer of 2021.  


How will this work? 


  • Riders will commit to trying to ride their 200 miles starting now through September 7, 2020 (Labor Day).  THIS WILL BE ON THE HONOR SYSTEM!  Riders who commit to riding 200 miles, and also fundraise by September 7 will get their Victory T-Shirt! 
  • While Riders are getting their miles in, please take photos of yourself:  
    • At a beneficiary agency location
    • Your favorite rest stop/restaurant that you like to stop at while you are riding
    • Photo of a view you love, and
    • Wear red OR Red Ribbon Ride gear! 
  • With all photos, please use hashtag #RedRibbonRide2020, and post to a social media platform of your choice.  If you do not have Social Media, please send them to admin@redribbonride.org to be posted on the Red Ribbon Ride’s Instagram/Facebook.  If you would rather your photos not be posted, please let someone know. 


  • Crew will take the hours they would be volunteering for the Ride (about 10-20 hours) and volunteer their time with another organization of their choice (beneficiary opportunities are listed below).  Volunteer hours can be done now through September 7, 2020 and should be documented by the Crew member (again, ON THE HONOR SYSTEM).  All Crew who complete the number of hours normally done on the ride (10-20 hours) by September 7 will get their Victory T-shirt.  
  • We encourage Crew to also fundraise for the Red Ribbon Ride!  Take photos of yourself volunteering, and let people know that because the ride was canceled but we’re going virtual, you committed to volunteering hours to another cause, but then post your link to your fundraising page and ask for donations! 
  • While you are volunteering, take photos of what you are doing, and post them to your Social Media with hashtag #RedRibbonRide2020.  WEAR RED OR RRR GEAR WHILE YOU VOLUNTEER!  Dress up in a costume with a friend!  If you do not have social media, send your photos to admin@redribbonride.org and they will be posted on the Red Ribbon Ride Facebook and Instagram.
  • Once Riders and Crew that have completed their miles or volunteer hours, they will be asked to send an email to admin@redribbonride.org to let me know they are done
  • There will be no minimum fundraising that is required (normally $1,500), rather, it will be encouraged that everyone participating (Rider or Crew) set a goal and start their fundraising.  As you all know our agencies are in need of these dollars so please try and raise all you can. If you would like to speak with someone about fundraising strategies please email admin@redribbonride.org.  We are working on social media and email templates that will help your fundraising efforts!


When:  Miles and volunteer hours can be done between now and October 31st – fundraising to get a Victory T-shirt ends September 7th but we encourage everyone to keep fundraising through October 31st – any additional fundraising done during this time will earn a special token of our appreciation. That give us time to close out all donations and give the much needed funds to the beneficiaries. Registration for the summer of 2021 will start November 1st.


Dates for 2021 are August 20-22, 2021!  We are planning a virtual victory party for October 2nd (our usual First Friday night)

As always, if you have any questions about this, please reach out to me via email or phone.  I can’t wait to see the photos of you on your ride, or volunteering! 




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