2020 Minnesota Red Ribbon Ride


Welcome to the Bears! Dontcha Know! Red Ribbon Ride Team Page. We are a pretty active group in year 2 of the ride. Most of our members are new in the past couple years but of course we have seasoned riders as well. We love to ride our bikes to raise money for the 7 HIV/AIDS Service organizations in the State of Minnesota. The funds go to such worthy causes to help people living with HIV/AIDS live strong successful lives.

People think that AIDS have been eradicated or just another common disease that can be treated like diabetes, what people don’t know is there still is a SIGNIFICANT Stigma that comes with living with HIV/AIDS. In addition, modern medicine has improved substantially but there is a cost that is associated with that. Some of the benefactors don’t have health insurance to cover the cost of the prescriptions. they can be as high as $40,000 per year.

The Red Ribbon Ride is one such ride that also promotes awareness as well as eliminating the stigma and support folks that are living with this horrible disease.

Our team has grown this year, we have lost a couple riders due to logistical reasons but have gained more riders this year that we had last year. We are up to 16 riders. that is so exciting and look forward to getting our fundraising moving to compete with the big dogs. :-)


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