2020 Minnesota Red Ribbon Ride

Team YES

Team YES: YWCA Endurance Sports

Team YES is part of the Endurance Sports department at the YWCA of Minneapolis.We are a group of friends and family brought together by a comon cause. We support the mission of the YWCA to empower women and eliminate racism. We also work to educate those around us and through our fundraising about AIDS and HIV. We are all ages, genders, skill level, and economic backgrounds. The YWCA facilities provide support classes (two-hour and five-hour rides) throughout the winter months, a yearly team jersey, a location for clinics, and financial support for the first night’s stay on the ride. We hold a garage sale in June and provide support to meet everyone’s fundraising goals; we consider it a team fundraising goal. The team is captained by Gabriel Skelly. 

For more information join our facebook group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/YWCA.Endurance.Sports/) and email Gabe (gabriel@skellyfamily.org)


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Team information to be posted here by Team Captain. 

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