2019 Red Ribbon Ride

CyclePaths Team Photo
CyclePaths Team Photo


Welcome to the Cyclepaths Team Page! We are a brand new team. We are a lean and mean team of five guys and one girl who enjoy getting out in nature on two wheels and are excited for the opportunity to raise money for the 5 HIV/AIDS service organizations within Minnesota. We’ve never ridden in such an epic event and are looking forward to the challenge!

We’re also excited in working toward eliminating the stigma associated with HIV/AIDS. HIV/AIDS can be eradicated and be easily treated. Modern medicine has improved the ability to help people living with HIV/AIDS, but the cost associated with those affected can be as high as $40,000 per year.

The Red Ribbon Ride is one event that helps promote awareness and support individuals living with this disease. We are excited to be part of this amazing event.


Thank you for visiting our page and your consideration of donating toward our cause!

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