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Andy's Angels

Andy's Angels

A note from Jared to the Andy's Angels team after the 2018 Red Ribbon Ride:


Hey Angels!
Wow! What a weekend! Thank you for being extraordinary! And when I say extraordinary, I do mean it. So far, our team has raised the 3rd highest amount for 2018! Can you imagine what we could’ve done if we’d been organized like a real team? LOL! Seriously though, please take the acknowledgement: you made a real difference in people’s lives and NO ONE had to hound you about doing it. It was within you already. That to me is extraordinary. Sorry no team pic. Next year!

Change happens. Change is upsetting to some and for others it occurs as an opportunity. A chance to make a mark, to elevate, to become more than. This year’s ride was a change. I experienced a level of disorientation that isn’t normally there for me. Fortunately, I checked myself and remembered that I’m a grown up and just dealt with it. We already know that Marni won’t be back as our leader next year, and it’s possible that Andy himself may* not be participate in 2019 at all. (GASP!! I know; I’m still processing as well; I’ll probably get over it in like November.) I’m super sad about that, because I love Andy very much. Andy for me is a shining example of emotional authenticity and the fact that he wears his heart on his sleeve has always been for me his most endearing quality. I will really miss not having him there. But still…change IS gonna happen. And who we be in the face of that change always makes all the difference. As a member of Andy’s Angels, you are someone who succeeds in the face of change…of challenge. This is fact. You can argue it if you like but know that I have evidence and I’m quite stubborn. Best to just own it.

As a co-captain and founder of Team Andy’s Angels, there’s a few things that are important to me and since I have the mic, y’all are going to get a refresher course in why we’re a team:
• Andy Ansell (my muscle-bound, shirtless, tattooed, pierced-nipple, tanned, bearded, go-go daddy dancer friend from California) asked me to participate in the Ride forever ago. I agreed on one condition: we had to be on the same team. Since his team at the time wasn’t a fit for me, I created a team. Hence Andy’s Angels. I knew nothing, other than I loved my friend Andy and I wanted to make a difference for him.
• Our team grew. Big. Like real big. And it was simply out of who we are as individuals (i.e. you that is reading this, teammate) and the difference we make when we combine our powers. Think of it like the Hall of Justice—we exist as a collection of superheroes with their own lives and identities who convene (in our case annually) at a central location to fight some injustice, protect the planet, or defend humanity.
• In 2019, we’re coming together in August to defend humanity again. I encourage you to embrace who you already are for me, for Andy, and for many others in the world—a real-life superhero. It is not complicated to make an extraordinary impact next year like we’ve never done. In fact, the math of us doing something we’ve never done is simple. There’s just 3 things each of us needs to do:
1. Register yourself for 2019
2. Enroll and register 1 other person for the 2019 Ride who didn’t participate in the 2018 Ride & whom you know is a superhero too
3. Riders each raise a minimum of $3000 ($500 for crew) for 2019

I promise if every one of you does those 3 things, we will have a Red Ribbon Ride like you’ve never experienced. Because here’s the point: we ALL have ‘Andy’s’ in our lives—those that we love and hope to protect from danger. The people who access the services provided by our beneficiaries—those people think of YOU as a hero. So, own the impact you make, and let’s shake the world in 2019. I love you, superhero.

See ya on the ride next year!

* - Miracles do happen and everyone is enrollable. Andy’s been warned.

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