Achilles Crouch:  Lean forward from a crouching position, keeping your heel planted.

  Ankle Roll:  Rotate each ankle in a circle ten times in each direction.

  Butterfly Stretch:  Using your elbows, press your knees down toward the floor.

        Calf Stretch:  Using a wall for support, extend one foot back, planting the heel.  Lean forward with the other leg, keeping your weight on the bent leg.

   Gluteus Stretch:  Lying on your back, hug your knee toward your chest.

   Hamstring Stretch:  While seated, bend at the hips, reaching your hands toward your feet.

   Lunge Stretch:  Keeping your forward knee behind the ankle in a lunge position, lower your pelvis to the ground.

       Shoulder/Chest Stretch:  Interlock your fingers behind your back and gently raise your arms.

   Spinal Twist:  Cross one leg over the other extended leg, planting the foot on the floor.  Twist your torso toward the crossed leg.

        Squatting Stretch:  Keep both heels planted and lower into a squatting position.

              Quadriceps Stretch:  Using a wall for support, bend one knee and grab your ankle, pulling your heel toward your back side.


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