10 Cycling Safety Tips

1)  Always ride to the right, leaving room to pass on your left.  If you don't you could force another Rider into traffic, causing serious injury or death.

2)  Ride single file.  Don't weave.

3)  No drafting.  Drafting can cause pile-ups.  It's not permitted on the Ride. 

4)  Always make left turns from the center of the road.

5)  When stopping, let others know of your intentions by sounding off and using hand signals.  Pull to the right side of the road immediately upon stopping.

6)  Always be on the lookout for car doors being opened by motorists.

7)  Always cross railroad tracks at right angles.

8)  Avoid open cracks in the road, sand and loose gravel-remember to alert Riders behind you of the danger.  (You can do that by calling out "gravel" or "rough road").

9)  Cooperate with Ride officials at all times.  Officers, local law enforcement, Minnesota Red Ribbon Ride staff, and route monitors will be patrolling the event - please obey their instructions and signals.

10)  Always obey local traffic laws:  Stop at all stop signs.  Signal all turns.  Don't cross yellow lines in your lane.