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We are a group of people, both Crew and Riders, living with HIV/AIDS eliminating stigma through our positive public example.

We are the POSITIVE PEDALERS and we are the positive face of HIV.

We are a group of people, living with HIV/AIDS, committed to building a supportive and inclusive community for others and ourselves through participation in the Minnesota Red Ribbon Ride.  Positive Pedalers is open to all HIV+ crew and riders as a way to bring visibility to our presence on the event.

We are dedicated to expanding and enhancing public awareness of HIV and AIDS and empowering HIV-positive people to live more meaningful and dignified lives.

We make our presence on the Red Ribbon Ride known by wearing jerseys and T-shirts emblazoned with the Positive Pedalers logo.  Riders can also attach an orange flag to their bikes that proudly shows the Positive Pedaler logo.  We do this to show all on the event that HIV+ people are participating side by side with our HIV- supporters to raise money and awareness in the ongoing fight against HIV. Learn more about Positive Pedalers.

 Living with HIV/AIDS is complicated. The impact of becoming HIV-positive is overwhelming and invades every aspect of an individual’s life. Though many of us living with HIV and AIDS have returned to the ranks of public normalcy --a point to be celebrated-- we must also remain visible.

For more information or to sign up please contact Joe Ede; Positive Pedaler at MNPosPeds@gmail.com. 





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