1-1 Rule:  Every check must have its own donation form.
If you remember nothing else from this list, remember this:  Each individual check must have its own donation form attached in order to be credited to your account.  Your name and Rider number must be in the upper right-hand corner of each donation form. 

What if I have multiple donors and one check?
Fill out a single donation form with "Friends of (your name)" as the donor name.  Remember, if you have multiple checks from a group, you must fill out a donation form with your name and Rider number for each check submitted.

Do not alter the donation form in any way!
Any alteration will result in processing delays.  The donation form must be filled out completely, and mailed to the Ride office.

Do not send cash.
The Ride will not process cash.  If a donor gives you cash, write a personal check for the amount, made payable to the Red Ribbon Ride, or obtain a money order.  Send your check or money order to the Ride office attached to a donation form with the donor's information.

How do I obtain the balance in my donation account?
You can check your balance by visiting our website,, and logging onto your Ride center using your username and password.  If you do not know your username and password, please contact the Ride office.  Or, if you do not have internet access you may contact the Ride office for an update.

You cannot transfer donations from one account to another.
Each Rider makes a commitment to raise a minimum of $1,500.00.  If a donation has been processed by the Ride office and the bank and assigned to a Rider's account, we are not able to transfer donations from one account to another.  If a Rider has raised money and is unable to participate for whatever reason, donations cannot be transferred to another Rider's account. If Riders have a fundraising event together, the Riders are responsible for distributing the fund raised amongst themselves PRIOR to sending them to the Ride office.

What should I do with donations I receive?
If you have internet access and you receive donations via check, log onto your Ride Center and enter the gift(s) under My Progress.  After completing the entry mail the donation immediately to the Ride office so they can confirm and process the donation.  If you do not have internet access, mail the donations into the Ride office immediately for processing.  Note:  Entering your offline donations yourself allows all Ride participants donations to be entered and confirmed quickly.  Please help us by doing your part.

Where do I mail my donations?
Click here for the address.

Holding on to your donations can hurt you!
Do not hold on to your donations.  If donations are given directly to you, enter the offline gift into your Ride center (if you have internet access), and then mail them to the Ride office immediately.  Your friends and family donate not only what they are able, but also when they are able.  Be courteous to your donors. 

What can hold up your donation being processed?
*  Check was made out incorrectly, e.g. "Ride for AIDS" - the donor must write a new check.

*  Check was made out to the Rider - check is forwarded to the Rider to endorse over to the Ride.
*  Credit card number was written incorrectly or missing digits - the donation is mailed back to the donor to correct or resubmit with a different form of payment.
*  Credit card is declined or expired - the donation form is sent back to the donor with a letter stating why the donation could not be processed.

Remember, if your donation cannot be processed, the donation is not counted in your donation totals.  For every donation you mail to the Ride office, you should make sure that the donation form and the check/credit card information is filled out properly to avoid any processing delays.

Do not send post-dated checks.
If you have a post-dated check, it is your responsibility as a Rider to hold on to the check and mail it in after the written date or ask the donor to send the donation once they are financially able.  The Ride is not responsible for overdraft fees due to post-dated checks.

Tips for your fundraising letter:
These are some helpful reminders to put in your fundraising letter to eliminate errors.

*  Make sure that donors make out the checks correctly:  Red Ribbon Ride.
*  Give your donors a deadline (tell them you want to complete you fundraising by May 1st so you can focus the summer months on your training).
*  Ask donors to fill out the donation form completely and legibly.  Phone numbers are used only to contact donors with questions regarding their specific donation.
*  All donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowable by law.

What if I find out I can’t participate?
You will not be responsible for the fundraising minimum if you decide not to participate on the Ride.  However, donations and registration fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.

What if the donation check is written to me?
You may sign the check over to the "Red Ribbon Ride".


How do matching gifts work?
Matching gifts are an excellent was to help reach your minimum donation goal.  Some companies will match as much as 3 to 1.  If a donor submits a matching gift application form with a donation, simply staple it to the donation form and mail it to the Ride office.  We will then fill out the application and furnish any additional documentation required.  The application is then returned to the company for approval.

The company will determine whether both the employee and the Red Ribbon Ride are eligible for the company's matching gift program.  Every company is different, and the Red Ribbon Ride is bound by the company's rules and regulations regarding the eligibility of matching gifts.  Company rules and regulations may change each year, and you cannot assume that every application will be approved.

Why would a matching gifts application be denied?
The reason a matching gift application may be denied by a company include:

*  The employee may not have been with the company long enough.
*  The gift may be below the minimum amount.
*  The company may only donate to specific causes (e.g., educational institutions).
*  The company may donate to only one specific AIDS service organizations, and therefore, the Red Ribbon Ride is not eligible.

Will matching gifts count toward my donation goal?
There are two ways the Ride can count the matching gifts toward your donation minimum requirement.

*  We receive the matching gift check (not just the paperwork, but the actual check) prior to Check-In Day.  Unfortunately, some companies only pay out once or twice a year, and the next pay period may be after the Ride.
*  In lieu of a check, the Ride will accept a letter of confirmation.  This is simply a letter from the company stating that " the gift has been approved and a check for $XXX.00 is forthcoming on DATE on behalf of this Rider or donor."  Many times, this letter of confirmation is actually sent to the employee, and a copy of this letter is acceptable.  The Ride cannot track down individual letters of confirmation due to the volume.  It is the responsibility of the Rider to obtain a letter of confirmation and forward it to the Ride office (if it is necessary to reach the Rider's minimum donation requirement prior to the event).


What is the cut-off date for mailing donations?
Due to the volume of donations received we cannot guarantee the processing of donations after July 1st in time to appear in the Rider's account by Check-In Day (the weekend prior to the Ride).  Don't worry, donations received after that date will be credited to the proper participant after the Ride.

What if I haven't met the minimum by the July 1 deadline?
July 1 is the mailing deadline.  If you have not met your minimum requirement by this day, you may collect donations and bring them with you to Check-In Day.


Check-In Day and the Donation Office line.
If you have not met your minimum donation requirement prior to Check-In Day you will be required to visit the Donation Office.  You may bring any donations that you have not yet mailed to the Ride office. If your balance as of Check-In Day is below $1,500, you will be required to fill out the delayed self-pledge form if you still want to Ride.  A Rider may delay self-pledge with a credit card only for a maximum amount of $500.  No exceptions!!

*Note - meeting your $1,500 donation requirement prior to the Ride is the best way to avoid a longer check-in process on Check-In Day.

What is a delayed self-pledge?
A delayed self-pledge is a special donation form that will hold you, the Rider, financially responsible for the difference between your donation total (must be at least $1,000 on Check-In Day) and the minimum requirement of $1,500.  This donation will not be processed until after July 31 allowing you extra time to turn in donations you may receive while on the actual Ride.

How does a delayed self-pledge work?
You must fill out the delayed self-pledge form in person on Check-In Day.  You must have raised at least $1,000 in order to fill out this form. 

Because the delayed self-pledge is not put into effect until July 31, you will have time to continue to fundraise and to mail donations directly to the Ride office.  On July 31, the Ride will adjust the delayed self-pledge amount accordingly with the donations processed post-Ride. If you have met the minimum requirement by this date, the delayed self-pledge is null and void.

You will indicate on our self-pledge form whether the balance will be paid in one single payment or monthly installments. Each monthly payment must be $50.00 or higher and payments cannot exceed beyond 10 months.  Should a donation arrive after the July 31 deadline that places you over the minimum goal, you will not be refunded the difference.  Every attempt will be made to adjust your self-pledge, but this cannot be guaranteed.


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