Crew play a vital role in executing the Red Ribbon Ride. You work hard but have fun! We couldn't do the Ride without the Crew! Register today!

Some Crew positions fill up faster than others, so register early to better your chances at getting on the Crew you most desire.

Advance Road: Responsible for route check (signs, road hazards) prior to route opening and assisting with the closing ceremony.  May also join Sweep Crew once Advance Road is complete.

Bike Parking: This team is responsible for setting up and managing the bike parking area in camp.  Involves checking in each Rider and their bike as they enter camp each evening and checking them out in the morning.  This team also assists with any “bike pulls” necessitated for medical or other issues.  Need to be able to lift 25-50 pounds and be outside for extended periods of time.
Bike Transport: Works closely with Sweep and Pit Stop Crews to provide transport of bikes back to camp for Riders unable to complete the day’s route.  This team will load bikes from Pit and offload bikes in the camp Bike Parking Area.  Transports bicycles that have been left at Pit Stops by Riders who have been shuttled into camp (on the road all day).  Also responsible for transporting bikes in case of emergency, i.e. inclement weather, etc.
Camp Services: Camp Services is the place that participants go to for any questions they might need regarding camp set-up, route, messages or to meet visitors.  This team checks all visitors in and out of camp each day, manages Lost & Found, Get Caught submissions, suggestion box.  Assist with selling Ride merchandise and take registrations for the next year.
Chiropractic: Provides free chiropractic services for Riders and Crew in camp each day (no chiro service at holding – day 4).  Must provide proof of insurance and certification.  Services coordinated by a chiropractor or associated clinic/practice.
Camp Clean Up:  This team is responsible for keeping the camp locations clean.  Dumpsters are provided at each camp, so all trash must be transported to these locations each day.  Should be able to lift 25 lbs.

First Aid: Comprised of a variety of medical professionals, this team provides basic first-aid services to participants in camp and at pit stops and may provide emergency service where necessary until local EMS/Paramedics arrive on scene.  The First Aid Crew is available 24 hours each day.  Preferred having a current and active license or certificate as a physician (M.D./D.O.), registered nurse (R.N.), licensed practical nurse, or vocational nurse (L.P.N./L.V.N.), Emergency Medical Technician (E.M.T.)/Paramedic, Physician Assistant or Associate (P.A.), OR have current certification in Advanced First Aid and CPR Training for Health Professionals.
Food Service: This team is responsible for working with the on-site catering company assisting in the preparation of service of food for breakfast and dinner in Camp.  Involves setting up food service line, transport of food from kitchen and serving meals to participants. Early morning and afternoon/evening hours are required.

Gear/Tent Transport: Loads and unloads Rider and Crew gear each day; transports gear from camp to camp.  Must be able to lift up to 40 lbs. Ability to drive a 26’ truck, a plus.

This team assists in the distribution and replenishment of water and ice needed for each of the Pit Stops and Camp.  Team works closely with Road Manager staff to be certain that all Pit Stops have sufficient hydration supplies each day. Should be able to lift up to 50 lbs; ability to drive a 26’ truck, a plus.

Massage: Provides free massage services for Riders and Crew in camp each day.  Must have proof of certification or student status.

Road Safety (Moto): Patrols the route to ensure safety for the Riders; stationed at intersections where traffic may be an issue or concern. Works with Sweep Crew and local law enforcement, if needed. Assist Riders only (not vehicular traffic) at difficult/busy intersections and other locations as requested. Team members must provide own transportation (motorcycles can work well in this position)

Overnight Security: This team handles overnight security, focusing on the perimeter areas of camp, as well as securing the Bike Parking area each night. Works closely with overnight camp facility staff.

Pit Stops: Each Pit Stop will be assigned a crew to manage set up, tear-down, food distribution to riders, hydration (water & gatorade), bike parking and traffic control at each location. Must be able to be outside for extended periods of time and in all types of weather. Must be able to lift between 25-50 pounds.
Route Marking: Starts the day before the Ride begins, marking the next day’s route, with both spray chalk and signage, starting at 7am each day. Attention to detail is key, as the Riders will rely upon route marking to find their way along the day’s route.
This group closes the route each day, retrieving all route marking signage, and organizing it so that it can be redistributed back to the Route Marking Crew for the next day.
Shuttle Bugs: Using passenger vans to transport participants to and from camp that are staying in official Ride hotels.  Hours are from early a.m., afternoons, and into the evenings.  Shuttles also support the Riders with transportation from the lunch pit back to Camp.  Heavy lifting may be involved.  Drivers must have a valid driver’s license, vehicle insurance and a good driving record. 
Sweep: This team circulates throughout the route in personally owned vans or SUV’s outfitted with bike racks, providing transportation to pit stops for Riders who may not be able to complete the day’s route.  This is another team that leaves early in the morning and arrives late into camp, after all Riders have completed the route.  Must have a valid driver’s license, vehicle insurance and a good driving record.      

All Crew volunteers are encouraged to raise $250.

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