What exactly do Crew members do?

Absoletely everything! Crew members take an empty field and turn it into an amazing campsite for nearly 500 Riders and Crew. Crew transform an empty road into a well-supported route with pit stops full of snacks and power drinks, bike tech, sweep vehicles, signage and more. Crew members find tired bodies returing to camp each evening and they massage and feed and cheer them too. Crew makes the Ride happen!


How do we get to and from our assignments each day?

Once you are on the event we provide all your transportation (unless you were assigned a Crew which required you bringing your own vehicle).  Generally you travel with your team in a truck, van or bus. 



When do we start working on the Ride, and will I get to see opening ceremonies?

Opening Ceremony and Ride Out: depending on your team assignment, you can be at Opening Ceremonies and Ride Out. All Crew members will be at Closing Ceremonies no matter what Crew position you hold. Your daily hours will depend on your Crew assignment but prepare for long days, long hours and lots of fun!

Can I bring my own vehicle on the event?

Due to limited space, insurance requirements and team continuity, the general answer is no.  Some Crew positions require a P.O.V. (personally owned vehicle) but most do not. 

Can my friends and family stay with me at camp?

Sure- if they are a Rider or Crew member! Otherwise, people who are not participating on the event cannot stay with us on site. However, they are welcome to come and visit you at camp but will not be allowed to eat or drink Ride provided food.

My partner is a Rider.  Can we tent or stay in a hotel together?

You bet! You are required to bring your own tent and if you want to share it, you're more than welcome too. You can also stay offsite in a hotel but it's your responsibility to pay for it (The shuttle crew transports to and from the hotel). Overnight stops are in Lake City, Rochester and Northfield. 

What should I pack for the Ride?

We have provided this list to help with your packing. You will also want to make sure to bring a large water bottle (Crew need to stay hydrated too!).

What costs will there be for me during the event?

Nothing - unless you decide to buy additional snacks or soda along the route or you wish to purchase Ride Merchandise. Note: Riders do not have to pay for Bike Tech labor but pay for parts, so bring cash.

Are meals provided and if so, are there vegetarian meals?

Yes we provide all meals except for breakfast on Day 1 (and lunch is the last meal served on Day 4). Vegetarian meals are available if you select that option. You must eat only the meal type (meat or vegetarian) you selected during the entire event. If a meat eater decides to opt for the vegetarian meal one day, we could run out of food and some vegetarian might go hungry for the night (and vice versa). So please choose one or the other. A green wristband will be provided to all vegitartians.

I have special medicines that require refrigeration, what should I do?

Our First Aid Crew is comprised of doctors, nurses and other professionals who will take care of all your refrigerated prescription drugs needs, including delivering them to you during the day if you are working out on the route.

Do Crew members have to fundraise?

No, but we encourage Crew members to try, after all, it's the reason we are doing the Ride. Take advantage of all of the fundraising tools available to participants by cruising around the fundraising page of this website, or email your Crew Manager for more ideas.

I need to go to the Ride office.  How do I get there?

The Ride office is located at 4457 Third Avenue South in Minneapolis near the 35W and 46th Street exit.  We suggest using http://www.mapquest.com/ for specific directions. 

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