All it takes is a few easy steps and you will be on your way to fundraising success by using your personal page.  If you have questions, or are having trouble, please contact us.

1)  Visit our website,, and click on the "My Ride Center" button on the left hand side.  Then log in by using your username and password.  (You should have received that when your registration was processed.  If you do not know your username and/or password please contact the Ride office at 612-822-2110 or by emailing

2)  Once you are logged in you will automatically be directed to your Ride Center.  If you are using the "user log in" log in area you will log in using step 1 above and then you will see a line on the upper righthand side of the screen that says "Visit your Ride Center!"  Click on the words "Ride Center."

3)  Your Ride Center is your hub of Ride information.  The first thing you should do is Update Your Fundraising Goal on the right side (in the "My Campaign" box).  Remember to think big!  (Note:  Riders must raise a minimum of $1,500 due by Check-In Day which is the Saturday prior to the Ride to participate.  Crew members are not required to raise funds, although the suggested goal of $250 or more is appreciated).

4)  Once you have updated your personal fundraising goal you should click on "Personal Page" on the top bar. 

5)  Click on option 2, "Edit the content of your personal page" and begin creating your page the way you'd like it to look.

6)  When you have finished make sure to SAVE YOUR CHANGES.

7)  To begin fundraising, click on the "Email" button on the top and send out fundraising emails to your friends and family.  We have provided sample fundraising emails to help you out.  (Feel free to change the text to make it fun, fresh and personal.  And don't forget to add a photo or two).

8)  And you're on your way to fundraising success!  Congrats.

*Please contact your Rider Coach, Crew Manager or Ride office if you are having problems.
*If you select the "Make My Campaign Private" your donors will NOT be able to find you on our website UNLESS they click on the direct link sent when using the email function in the Ride Center.  Our suggestion is leave your campaign public - it's much easier to fundraise that way.

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