We have created this list to help participants and donors to understand what the $1,500 Rider fundraising minimum will do for our benefiting agencies. We encourage participants to share this list with potential donors or use it as part of a donation request. And as you read it ask yourself this question: "If $1,500 can do this much, I wonder what doubling my donation goal could do?"


The Aliveness Project

$1,500 would fund:

  • 685 hot meals served in their dining room. 
  •  55 monthly food shelf services (@37 lbs. of food for a household); or monthly food shelf services for 55 households of people living with HIV/AIDS. 
  • 65 appointments for complementary care services (massage, acupuncture, etc.) that help people living with HIV/AIDS deal with the symptoms of their disease and treatment side effects.
  • 43 holiday baskets for individuals living with HIV/AIDS 


African American AIDS Task Force 


$1,500 would:

  • Pay for bus passes and cab vouchers to help clients' access medical appointments and other resources.
  • Pay for the provision of meals and childcare for 25 emotional support groups
  • Buy approximately 5,769 HIV health promotion and education brochures
  • Pay for 750 safe sex kits; condoms, lube, safe sex information, agency contact information and packaging

Clare Housing

$1500 would provide: 

  •  Four residents groceries for 2 months. 
  •  Heat and electric costs for one of their homes for three winter months. 
  • Cable TV and internet services for one of their homes for a year.    

Hope House of St. Croix Valley

$1500 would provide:

  • A years worth of outings for the residents. 
  • Major training for care-partners. 
  • Mailing costs for two major fundraisers. 

Minnesota AIDS Project

$1500 will:

  • Provide 1,900 condoms per month for a year.
  • Pay for 1,500 copies of the printed HIV resource guide.
  • Pay emergency rental assistance for 4 clients for a month.
  • Pay to keep a family housed for 1.5 months in MAP's Housing Program. 
  • Pay for 75 coordinated taxi rides to medical appointments 
  • Purchase bus passes for 50 clients a month for three months. 
  • Purchase 75 - $20 food vouchers for grocery stores throughout Minnesota. 
  • Allow MAP's Public Policy service to organize a Youth Lobby Day and hold the yearly AIDS Action Day at the State Capitol as well as organize 4 HIV community meetings with legislators in Greater Minnesota.
  • Purchase 27 HIV counseling and testing sessions with MAP AIDSLine staff.

One Heartland

$1500 would:

  • Pay transportation for 15 Minnesota campers to get to and from Camp Heartland for 1-week of summer camp.
  • Feed three cabins (32 campers) during a weeklong summer camp session at Camp Heartland.
  • Provide overnight lodging for 10 campers during their stay at Camp Heartland. 
  • Bring five young speakers from our Journey of Hope AIDS Awareness Program to a Minnesota college campus to speak openly about HIV/AIDS in their life, prevention, education, testing, hope and compassion.

Park House

$1,500 would provide:

  • One month worth of meals for clients while attending programs  
  • Relexology or massage sessions for 60 persons
  • Supplemental over-the-counter medicines for 2 years - aspirin, Tylenol, Ibuprofen, Imodium, Pepto, etc. - which is NOT covered by prescriptions programs 

Rural AIDS Action Network

$1,500 would buy:

  • 4,500 miles of volunteer miles to get PLWAs to support groups, meetings, educational offerings, board meetings of RAAN, etc.
  • A partial volunteer training. 
  • One month of phone bills of support calls for PLWAs who live far away from others. 
  • 1/2 of a newsletter to 3,000 clients and volunteers and professionals to tell them about the local network meeting or action. 
  • 30 lunches for network meetings around the state.



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